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Mobile Measurement Partner MMP to Use

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Instead of just one advertisement, it recognizes users’ interactions with advertising channels throughout their journey. Two common types of multi-touch attribution include linear attribution and time-decay attribution, which will be explained mobile attribution definition in the following two sections. When done correctly, mobile attribution may improve the performance of your app by highlighting the value of certain channels, ad networks, publishers, campaigns, and even alternative versions of creatives.

  • Attribution models are considered the main element in determining which ad network gets paid and help you decide where you should invest your buck.
  • Mobile attribution is the act of applying this same process to the world of apps.
  • App developers can also use this information to make informed decisions on the app’s UI design or UX.
  • Launch – This is a free plan that includes up to 10k monthly active users and it’s perfect for small businesses.
  • By leveraging artificial intelligence tools and machine learning for mobile attribution, you can get a more accurate picture of user behavior and optimize your marketing efforts.
  • Your user engagement will include time spent in the app, the number of sessions, and more.
  • Once you’ve chosen an attribution model that you can benefit from, it’s essential to understand the process of mobile app attribution in the marketing funnel.

Also, it’s probably out of the skill set of the average app marketer. This model provides attribution to ads that were viewed, but not clicked. Convince customers to buy more of your products every time they visit your store. This model is not technically possible to implement without a network that collects and provides view-through figures . Given rising privacy concerns, Facebook announced they’ll stop making this data available at the user-level.

Branch: Best for E-commerce Companies

However, it may discount all other channels or campaigns that also played a role in nurturing the customer to take the action. These include email campaigns, organic search, guest posting, and more. This model assigns credit to the first channel or marketing campaign a user interacted with before they converted.

Basic mobile attribution models

Once you have set up a mobile attribution system for your business, it’s important to understand the key performance indicators that you should be tracking and how to track them. Mobile attribution can help with this because it will pinpoint for developers where users come from and how their apps are discovered. This information can then be used to inform marketing decisions and craft app store product pages that convert at higher rates. View-through attribution is a model that takes into account users that viewed an ad and then chose to install it. This is a model that was offered by self-attributing networks such as Facebook to credit their ads for the brand-driven installs they managed to drive . The last-click attribution model is the exact opposite of the first click model we just discussed.

Essential ingredients for mobile attribution

When it comes to the top mobile attribution platforms, four market leaders are AppsFlyer, Adjust, Kochava, and Branch. Keep in mind that the mobile attribution platform you choose will have access to your user data. For that reason, it needs to have best-in-class security features, as you don’t want to risk any breach of privacy.

With mobile advertising, the hosting app tracks users with a user ID. This may be unique to the app itself, or could be something like a Google Play account, Facebook login, or Apple ID. The user’s interactions with future advertisements are all tracked by user ID. Each event is saved and transmitted to marketers to analyze the success of their campaigns on a user-by-user basis.

Features It Offers

This will give you an indication of how well your app is doing and if there are any areas that you can optimize to increase downloads. Mobile attribution is similar to web tracking or attribution but has some key differences. If you’re having trouble determining who’s downloading your apps, where they’re coming from, and why some of your ads work better than others, keep reading.

Basic mobile attribution models

This anonymous ad tracking ID is sent to Google Play when a user clicks on an ad, and if an app install or an in-app event happens consequently, the result is passed back to the app attribution tool. Mobile devices have surpassed every other device, including television, as the primary medium where Americans spend their time and attention. Apps account for 90% of the time users are spending online using smartphones and tablets. From social media platforms to games, media streaming, and apps that enable work, it seems like whatever a mobile user needs, there’s an app to provide it. For mobile businesses, it’s essential that an attribution platform covers mobile devices. Luckily, most platforms offer mobile attribution, and many specialize in it.

Different Types of Mobile Attribution Models

Ultimately, the idea is that all media sources that touched users along the way will receive some fraction of the payment. In order to identify the full marketing potential, attribution is becoming more and more important for mobile app marketing, as it already is for the world of web. Mobile app attribution is relevant for all those who are running an app and are promoting it with an appropriate marketing budget. Hence, you only need to run ads on the correct platform and user base where it will fetch results.

Basic mobile attribution models

Even better, you can set an automated workflow that streamlines your time and resources. Attribution for PC games has traditionally been overlooked by games marketers, historically biasing towards brand spend instead of performance marketing. However, recent technological advancements by measurement partners such as Gamesight have unlocked the gaming market in recent years. Marketers can try them out for free before needing to make a commitment. Contrary to first-click attribution, last-click attribution tracks the last ad users click on before installation.

Top Mobile Attribution Platforms and How to Choose One

Optimize your attribution model regularly to make sure it’s still working as expected. Over time, metrics are bound to change and you should be prepared to adjust your model accordingly. Working with a mobile measurement partner that offers configurable attribution windows will allow you to adjust attribution data over time.

Connecting the App Industry

This data can be used to identify your user journeys, the areas where users might be dropping off, and any changes you can make to keep them engaged. This model assigns credit to the marketing channels that the user interacted with last before they converted. For example, if a user clicked on a mobile ad before installing the app, then that App Store campaign would get credit for that install. Mobile attribution is important because it allows you to understand which aspects of your marketing strategy are working and which need to be adjusted. The U-shaped attribution model is a popular way to attribute credit across the buyer’s journey. This model gives a higher percentage to the first and last touchpoints than those in the middle.

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