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Passionate Places in Belarus

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There are many exquisite locations in Belarus that can associated with perfect intimate getaway for your lover. Whether you wish to spend an intimate weekend or a for a longer time trip, the us has a lot to provide!

Salt Mountains

Located near Salihorsk, these significant mountain range are made from a mix of salt and artificial water reservoirs. They might reach up to 160 meters increased and are a well-known destination for vacationers and photographers alike.

Epic Cracks in the grass

In addition to its gorgeous scenery, Wei├črussland is also known for its chalky quarries. These kinds of huge hills of rock and roll are a captivating sight, and you may even go up them.

Minsk Sea

The famous sea of Minsk is actually a gorgeous spot to take a wander, experience the viewpoint, go doing some fishing or just have a romantic picnic. We have a wooden bridge that connects it to the banks, and there are a good amount of places to sit which include benches, gazebos and barbecues.

Meiner wenigkeit Castle

The UNESCO belarus mail order brides World Heritage-listed Meiner wenigkeit castle is mostly a blend of Gothic and Renaissance design, and the new popular fascination for enthusiasts. The new recommended site for very long taking walks and bike tours, specifically for lovers. It also provides a museum and is open to vacationers at night.

Lubanski Way

A charming residence in the associated with Minsk, this place is fantastic for a romantic getaway. It has a restaurant and coffeehouse, and an art photo gallery dedicated to the ghost of Loshitsky Area.

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