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Hire Kotlin Developers Top Kotlin Engineers for Hire

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Likewise, we want job to speak for ourselves, delivering value through agility and innovative industry solutions and services. Be it assisting in creating a job description to scrutinizing resumes and from designing assessments and delivering performance analysis reports, the tool does it all. However, analyze whether the developer has followed any of the latest trends in the app. If the developer has projects on GitHub as public repositories, study them for coding proficiency.

What expertise should a Kotlin developer have

Apart from the technical skills, you also need to assess whether the Kotlin developers you hire are a good culture fit for your team. When you hire Kotlin developers that are a good culture fit, then you will have a team with improved teamwork. It will be easier for you to build a nice level of understanding if you and your Kotlin developers share similar values.

How to Write a Kotlin Developer Job Description

Released in 2016, Kotlin is fairly modern but comes equipped with numerous features. Outsourcing is a business practice in which companies hire a third-party service provider to get their job done. They are not the in-house team but work from home and can be easily trackable. Outsourcing can be risky, but if you carefully select your outsourcing service provider, you will remain in peace. Outsourcing also provides options to choose developers worldwide.

What expertise should a Kotlin developer have

When hiring a Kotlin freelancer, you can expect to pay $36.58 on average per hour. Kotlin freelancer rates can range from $15-$60 per hour depending on the developer’s experience, where they are located, their availability, and other programming languages required. There are even less requirements for developing mobile apps with Kotlin, as you can build a cross-platform app and save time and resources. Kotlin also supports Android Studio, an IDE for Android mobile app development.

Kotlin programming language

The fact that Google has started a Kotlin-first development approach for Android apps has led to the explosive growth of Kotlin as a coding language. Kotlin app development has got a significant boost with the launch of Android 12 as Kotlin allows the developers to leverage the power of Android 12. We at Prismetric have a team of Kotlin developers that can help you realize your dream of building a great mobile or web app. Kotlin developers are software specialists with expertise and experience in the Kotlin programming language. Well, Kotlin is an up-to-date statically typed language running on JVM . Web developers often code on Kotlin while creating Android mobile and web applications.

What expertise should a Kotlin developer have

As Android apps seamlessly connect people across the globe and enable users to engage in more innovative and interesting ways… Find out what you need to include in your Kotlin Developer job description. The bulk of Kotlin developer salaries presently vary from $113,000 to $147,000 per year in the United States, with top earners earning $158,000 per year. To create outstanding Android products, you must be a critical thinker, an analyser, and a curious professional.

Types Of Kotlin Developer Recruitment and Their Impact and Involvement In the Project

As it takes less amount of coding to build a Kotlin app, the time-to-market of the app is reduced significantly. The reduced time-to-market translates how to hire a kotlin developer into significant cost benefits. Some studies indicate that in comparison to java, Kotlin reduces the number of lines of a code by a good 40%.

  • Freelance developers can be found online on websites like, Upwork, LinkedIn etc.
  • Type checking occurs when the variable types are checked to verify whether or not they agree with the system.
  • After going through this complete Kotlin developer guide, you might ask what the future is for Kotlin developers.
  • This means that you’ll have a large pool of qualified applicants if you have future plans for mobile app development.
  • By working with Trio, you can enjoy a highly experienced full-time developer for a fraction of the cost, along with the added project management assistance.
  • Ever since Google announced that it is going for a Kotlin-first approach, the Kotlin job postings have grown exponentially.

Ensuring the written code has no errors, conducting UNIT-testing and bug fixing. Writing clear and efficient code of an Android app from scratch.

How to Hire a Kotlin Developer in 2022: The Complete Hiring Guide

Inventive mobile applications and Android app trends that inspire the maximum app users magnetize him deeply to offer his readers some remarkable articles. You need to verify developers’ non-technical skills such as communication, problem-solving, research, teamwork, etc., to fulfill the requirements of your project. Technology has constantly been evolving, since the launching of smartphones, the trend of mobile apps has been increasing day by day. Kotlin is a modern programming language used to create high-performance mobile applications.

Finding a good Kotlin developer isn’t always easy, considering that they’re in high demand and that the competition among companies is fierce. This is why it is important to have a good recruitment strategy. Kotlin’s extensions allow developers to extend a class without inheriting it. Developers can gain a class’s attributes without inheriting it or using a decorator design pattern. They’re also able to delegate Kotlin development tasks and focus on other duties, namely core business tasks. This ensures an increase in productivity that the company can in turn use to grow.


Furthermore, they simplify transitioning from Java to Kotlin for any production environment. Experienced Kotlin developers spend most of their time enhancing user experience, improving app performance, and maintaining as well as evaluating the code quality. Our today’s post will show how you, as a decision maker of your project, can have the best Kotlin developers for your next Android app development project. This means that any developer who wants to create apps using Kotlin should at least have a basic understanding of Java and its main concepts. Freelance Kotlin developers are a good option for short-term projects, small tasks, and companies with limited budgets. In this model, however, the company doesn’t have any control over the freelancer.

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